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Engine Internal Cleaning + Engine Protection + Fuel Treatment + Motor Oil

Engine Protection Kit

The ENGINE PROTECTION KIT consists of the following Metalubs products:

Metalubs X CL to clean the engine internally.
Removes resin deposits and contaminants from the lubrication system.
Commercial value €23.

Metalubs X Protect is an exceptional high-tech polyceramic treatment
for all types of engines, new or used, petrol or diesel, gas or turbocharged.
Alternatively Metalubs X Old for engines with high oil consumption.
Commercial value €50.

High-tech fuel treatment:
Metalubs XD for diesel OR Metalubs XP for petrol.
Commercial value €29.

4 Liters of Motor Oil for your car, to choose from:
Metalubs Synthetic Oil 5W-30 DPF or
Metalubs Synthetic Oil 5W-30 FG or
Metalubs Synthetic Oil 5W-40 or
Metalubs Synthetic Oil 5W-40 PD or
Metalubs Semi-Synthetic Oil 10W-40.
Commercial value €50.



MOTOR PROTECTION KIT cost (Shipping costs included): €160

Bank Transfer or BITCOIN

of which €60 can also be paid in YEM Digital Currency

Shipping ONLY in the European Union!

Contact: Contatto

Skype: krafmar1


Advantages for using Metalubs products

Reduces engine wear by up to 60%
Reduces oil consumption
Attenuates the noise of the motors
Reduces the emission of harmful gases
Reduces maintenance costs
Lower the operating temperature
Reduces fuel consumption
Cleans the inside of the engines
Increases the duration of operation
Increases the efficiency of the motors
Facilitates starting


How are they used?

Metalubs X CL:
Pour the contents into the used oil before the oil change.
Then leave the engine running for 15 minutes.
Stop the engine and replace immediately with new filter and oil.

Metalubs X Protect or Metalubs X Old:
Preheat the engine.
Shake the bottle well before use.
Pour the entire bottle into the engine oil
(preferably after oil change).

Metalubs X D (for diesel) or Metalubs X P (for petrol):
Pour with the special dispenser,
before each refueling,
directly into the tank,
20 ml of Metalubs for every 40 liters of diesel.


Do you want to do business with Metalubs products?

Metalubs products are sold in Network Marketing.
It is not necessary to stock products!
Delivery can be made directly to your customer.
There is no need to place monthly orders!
To remain a Partner, an order of € 65 per year is sufficient.
The kit offered is sufficient to register as a Partner, to be made before of delivery.
After the first order, Partner Discount of 25% on the list price.
Additional Earnings according to the Career Table.
Price List of the entire range of Metalubs products.

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Advantages Using Metalubs Products

Metalubs X CL

Metalubs X Protect

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